I love you October!

Pumpkins and pie and Halloween and root veggies and soup and fall colors and falling leaves and cool jacket weather and and and…man I love this time of year!

I also love that October brought back the fall temperatures to the Bay Area. It was almost 95 degrees yesterday! Here are a few of my favorite fall styles from the Marni FW10 runway. I’m so inspired to layer layer layer right now! Bring on the chill please!

What do you think of these Marni looks? I love the layering with the color blocking so much. There is something so artistic and vintagy Rothko about them. They are  ladylike yet still edgy. Right up my alley!



3 responses to “I love you October!

  1. Lovin the color combos.

  2. agreed!

    i’m coveting the socks though. why on earth is that what i see and want most from this? well, the socks and that amazing transparent blouse.

  3. oh and does anyone else feel like this entire runway show was inspired by Tavi the style rookie?


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