Music: Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian – Write About Love

I got my hands on the new Belle & Sebastian album that comes out on October 12 here in North America. Shhhhh…don’t tell, it’s not out yet. It’s lovely, like all other B&S albums, but surprising in parts. There is a song performed with Norah Jones which is also included on her unreleased album “Collaboration Record”. It definitely feels more like a smooth jazz inspired Norah Jones song than an indie-poppy Belle and Sebastian song and kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. However! The addition of sweet synths and the presence of singer Stuart Murdock’s sweet and shaky vocals makes every other track so worth the weird interruption in the middle. Maybe one day the Norah Jones track won’t feel like a mistake but I think I’m going to have to listen to the album many many times before that happens.

Overall, for me, it’s a solid Belle & Sebastian album and something I’ve been excitedly waiting for. B&S could be considered my favorite band, given the day. I mean come on, my cat’s name is Sebastian! I’ve been looking forward to this one more than anything else that’s come out recently. I’ve listened to it about 5 times through since yesterday and the songs are catchy and sweet. Just what I’ve come to expect and love from B&S. I’ll be seeing them for the first time in October at the Treasure Island Festival.  – sigh-


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