I did a little baking last night!

It’s been toooo looong since I actually baked anything and it felt really great and tasted even better! I made a Honey Butter Zucchini Loaf with Walnuts that was so moist and rich and almost custardy when it came out of the oven. I let it cool and then drizzled it with a glaze of powdered sugar, rice milk, butter, vanilla and salt. YUM! So good with a tall glass of rice milk!

Honey Butter Zucchini Loaf with Walnuts

I also made some roasted veggies which I did NOT over cook. I tend to roast veggies at too low a temp for a really long time and just cook the crap out of them. This time I set the oven to a high temp, 425, and cooked them for only about a 1/2 hour. Just until they were tender!

Roasted veggies on their way to the oven.

I guess I was inspired by the knowledge that it was the first day of Autumn and really set my mind to creating something yummy! I love baking in the fall so I’m sure I’ll have more images to share. Oh, and if anyone wants the Zucchini Bread recipe I adapted it from one I found on allrecipes.com and would love to share!


5 responses to “I did a little baking last night!

  1. I’ve two kids, a husband, and my mom living with us, I should be the one preparing these gorgeous things for them!!!

    Feeling slightly inadequate right now….but so glad to know that if I ever get a few free minutes these gourmet delights exist in the realm of possibility!

    PS- Great photos too.

  2. Zucchini bread is so easy! The best part about it, other than the fantastic taste, is that it’s so simple. I had a ton of zucchinis and veggies laying around that needed used asap and so I thought of a couple dishes that would use up the majority of them at once. Roasting veggies is also super simple. You just throw whatever looks good to you into a dish with some olive oil, salt, herbs and a little liquid (i suggest apple cider) and then toss it into the oven. The chopping of the veggies is the most involved task I promise! We ate the veggies with some really hearty rice and chicken breasts. The entire meal only took about an hour to make! I threw the Zucchini Loaf into the oven after I pulled the veggies out of the oven and let it cool a bit (the loaf cooks at 325 and the veggies at 425) so that it baked while we were eating.

    I certainly don’t know what it’s like to have a household full of people and children to attend to (I commend you!), but these roasted veggies definitely would have fed them all. It’s just me and my sweetie, Pat, at home and we have tons of leftovers!

    The photos were taken by Pat. He’s fantastic and always snapping pics of the food I make.

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

  3. oh man…sorry about the essay!

  4. Everything was and is wonderful!

  5. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for such a great response to my response! I am headed out of town, but promise to attempt roasting veggies when we get back! (& thanks for the post on my bloggie too!)

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