It was a good day.

Today was a good day. I woke up to a yummy breakfast of tofu scramble with chard and zucchini that my sweetie made for us. Then we spent a few hours working on a zine together. I’m so excited to be working on something creative with Pat. He is so inspiring! I’ll be sure to share some snippets of the finished product with you guys here!

After working on the zine we took BART over to Gilman for an afternoon Hardcore show where I met up with my friend Ruby. That’s her and I in the photo above! Isn’t she lovely? I have the best time hanging out with her!  She came out to my Dj night last night as well and we were able to shake our little butt’s to some fine 80’s music. It really has been a lovely, wonderful and fulfilling day. I definitely need tons more of these kinds of days in my life!


One response to “It was a good day.

  1. It was a great day!

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