Inspiration: Blonde Redhead

I’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s finally here!  The new Blonde Redhead album Penny Sparkle came out this past Tuesday and along with it a video for their single “Here Sometimes”.

Misery is a Butterfly is one of my favorite albums of all time so I was greatly anticipating the release of this new Blonde Redhead album and I AM SO PLEASED! It has such sweet melodies and simple electronic sounds. I almost wish this album came out months ago so that I could have listened to it all summer but the sweet tracks are still somehow cold and dark in their presence. They make me want to bundle up with a mug of hot tea and draw which is exactly what I’ll be needing this fall as I really put my nose to the grind.

Tea, pencils, ink, canvas, paints, a cold room, the rain pouring down outside and the sounds of Penny Sparkle filling my ears. Perfection on a chilly fall day! So bring it on!

On another note, one of my closest friends, Jonah Strauss has designed the lighting for not only their European and US tours but also designed the lighting used in this video. It’s such a lovely video and makes me anticipate their November show here in the Bay Area even more than I already did. I can’t wait to see the band perform these new songs live and for Jonah to really enhance the performance with his own style of lighting. I didn’t know much about lighting before meeting Jonah but after going to shows with him regularly for the past 3 years I have become more sensitive to the lighting. I find myself observing (and often pointing out) when the lights are seamlessly melding with the music and musicians, but even more so when they are a distraction. Clearly Jonah’s lighting is no distraction!

You can see another video Jonah designed on this Pitchfork: TV page. Just scroll to the bottom to find the Blonde Redhead video for “Not Getting There”.


4 responses to “Inspiration: Blonde Redhead

  1. On first listen, I was a little on the fence with Penny Sparkle. Mostly because it didn’t have those layered and dissonant guitar sounds I’d come to know and love on prior BR releases. Yet, I gave it a few more spins, and slowly but surely it’s making its way into my psyche.

    Also, I’m with you on Misery is a Butterfly being a favorite album of all time. It’s so good.

  2. I think it’s beautiful though I do need to listen a bit more. It FEELS really good to me and that’s exactly what I need it to do.

    But right now I’m going to go listen to Misery just because I love it so much.

  3. wallernotweller

    have to agree with Michael, it took a while but now i love it too….

  4. Blonde Redhead is one of our FAVORITE bands! M says they are in the top 3 bands that he wishes his band could open for!

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