What I Actually Spun! Spinned? meh…

Last night was a lot of fun! If you weren’t at The Uptown last night for our Dusty Fingers DJ night I would love to share my set lists with you. Maybe these lists will inspire you to come out next time!

Set One

Belle & Sebastian – Wrong Girl

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Camera Obscura – French Navy

Mary Lou Lord – Lights Are Changing

The Beegees – NY Mining Disaster 1941

Chad & Jeremy – Summer Song

Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning

Love – Alone Again Or

Shellac – The Admiral

The Velvet Underground – There She Goes Again

The Sundays – More

Set Two

The Smiths – Panic

Jawbreaker – Ashtray Monument

Team Dresch – Hate the Christian Right

Sleater Kinney – Don’t Think Ya Wanna

Huggy Bear – Her Jazz

Julie Ruin – Punk Singer

Green Day – 80

Heavens To Betsy – Nothing Can Stop Me

I Spy – 60 Billion Served

Team Dresch – To The Enemies of Political Rock

Mary Lou Lord – He’d Be A Diamond


5 responses to “What I Actually Spun! Spinned? meh…

  1. You started off with a good one! The rest are great, too but the first song i feel implements the rest of the night’s mood.

  2. sounds like it was fun! great set list!! next i will stop by, not very far from amoeba!


  3. thanks miss!

    These events are held monthly at the Uptown in Oakland and are sponsored by Amoeba! Definitely swing by! yay!

  4. love that you played both mary lou lord and huggy bear. also, loving your blog, mama!

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