I Love: Rita Coolidge

Despite the fact that Rita Coolidge was married to my dream man Kris Kristofferson (Jealous!!!), she also has one of the most inspiring 70’s styles! I’m often inspired by 70’s musicians and actors, such as Marianne Faithful and Nico, but Rita’s Native American inspired style is a bit different than the hip British and NY underground scenes the former two come from. She appears incredibly down to earth sometimes conjuring a Pocahontas feel with her pigtails and love of turquoise jewelry and long skirts. I only dream of being able to pull of the somewhat over-the-top look that she has. I put on one item of jewelry and I feel like everyone is staring at me! I can’t imagine layering all the lovely jewelry that Rita does.

The lady that’s so inspiring

Here’s a video of Rita and Kris singing a duet. You have no idea how this video makes me feel. Jealousy and envy primarily! But they are so beautiful together so I can get past it…sort of. LOVE THEM!

3 responses to “I Love: Rita Coolidge

  1. loved this post, such great 70’s inspiration! great blog 🙂 x

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