4 Simple Goals

I’m taking a cue from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and I (along with many other bloggers) am putting together a short list of goals that I would like to see myself carry out before the end of the year. This is the perfect timing for something like this because I’m getting all settled into my new space with my Sweetheart and I’m ready for some big (yet attainable) changes.

My 4 simple goals:

Goal #1 – Organize my Art and Craft Studio

At the moment ALMOST everything is unpacked and put onto shelves or into baskets. I really feel like having a well-organized, and beautiful, studio will help me fulfill my other goals and help me find the head space to be more creative.

Goal #2 – Attack my creative ideas with gusto! Focus focus focus!

I have so many ideas swirling around in my head now. Some of those ideas have come out as lists or sketches and some are still just sitting there waiting to burst from my mind! I need to be creative to feel I’m living a fulfilling life and I can see that it’s right there on the horizon. Now I just need to sit down and focus and let it all pour out of me. Focus is the key here – sometimes I lack the focus to get the things done that are the most important to me.

Goal #3 – Spend more quality time with my friends and family.

This is a toughie! I don’t really live near my family at all. The closest I can get really is my aunt Jennifer’s best friend Luke who also lives in Oakland and one cousin who lives 7 hours away in LA. But, this “time” that I speak of can, and will, include the trip my mom and sister are taking in October to come visit me. I’ve taken the entire week off to spend with them! My sister was just here a few months ago but I haven’t seen my mom in over a year! Ridiculous! Also, I need to learn to use the phone more often to call my grandparents and aunts and uncles. My family is hugely important and close to me and I’m definitely beginning to feel the distance I’ve created by moving so geographically far away. With all the technology available to me I should be able to find ways to better communicate with them all!

As for my friends, I would like to host more dinners at my house, go on more bike rides and just generally find healthy ways to spend time with them. I like a healthy dose of partying every once in a while, but I hate to see every interaction I have with my close friends revolve around heavy drinking.

Goal #4 – Create a lovely beautiful home with my Sweetie.

This one is well on its way to completion! I just need to do some tweaking to our existing space. There are still a few boxes that need unpacked, shelves that need filled, curtains that need made, bathtubs that need cleaned. Yadda yadda. I feel like this goal is more easily attainable than it might seem at first.

Bonus Goals – #5

Give my Sweetie lots of kisses all over his adorable face!

Work on creating beauty every day through my style – I all too often resort to jeans and tees out of laziness. No more laziness – I need to feel beautiful every day for my own sanity alone!

Have a Wes Anderson Marathon on one of my weekends off.

DJ as often as possible – I’ve been given the opportunity to DJ at several clubs and dive bars in Oakland & I really need to take advantage. I absolutely love playing music for the masses! And besides, It’s a hella fun way to make some extra cash!

So this is coming at a perfect time. I’m feeling really ready to focus and I have, for the first time in over a month, enough time set aside to feel like I can make a big dent in these goals. My weekend is my actual weekend! I’ve worked 6 or 7 days a week the last month and I plan to use my weekend “off” to really organize my life and move toward my goals. I won’t be too tired or burnt out. I’ll have no excuse!

What are 4 simple goals you want to accomplish before the new year? I would love to know!

5 responses to “4 Simple Goals

  1. Beautiful goals! I especially love the bonus one regarding a Wes Anderson marathon. My mister and I recently did that & it was awesome. Fantastic Mr. Fox was my fave 🙂

  2. Thank you! I’ve seen all of his films except the last two many many times. I FINALLY saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox for the first time a few months ago and LOVED IT! Which is saying a lot because I was disappointed by Darfeeling. If I do it I want to watch them all in chronological order – just to watch how he progresses and changes as a director.

    i ❤ Wes.

  3. I so feel ya on number two! I too have tons of ideas but need help on making them actually materialize!

  4. Oh muh gawd I love this post. You DJ?!?! And love Wes Anderson?!!?!? I’m pretty sure we’re bffs.

  5. Thanks ladies!


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