She’s Crafty – Renegade Craft Fair SF

I spent the weekend working at the Renegade Craft Fair for Amoeba Music and we all had a great time! Here are some photos my pal Emily and I took in the photobooth! Today’s Em’s birthday so I gotta shout out to my girl. Happy happy day Miss Emmy Ladykins!!!

Working the Amoeba booth was a lot of fun. I definitely underestimated the desire crafters (and their boyfriends – seriously, so many boyfriends) would have for records and cd’s at this Festival! We had a steady line of people waiting to go through the bins and spin our prize wheel! I love being able to give away tons of free stuff all day – which is exactly what we did! Check out some photos!

Our booth and my funky bra strap


Emily's Uterus/Overies Pincushion - with its tubes tied! Just a little something she took home that day. I can't remember the vendor name! Prick Cushions or something. ugh.

Workin' hard or hardly working?

Our view from the top!

Thanks to everyone I met this weekend. Made so many great connections and met some really sweet people. Finally met sisters Elsie and Emma from Red Velvet Art – I follow their blogs religiously! Though I get hella nervous meeting new people and felt a little foolish. Ce la vie! I also got some hang time with my girl Taryn of Talking Squid and ran into an old friend from my Zinester days, Reba of Rar Rar Press where I picked up a couple amazing postcards. The favorite of which is:

I had so much fun this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came by the Amoeba Booth!


2 responses to “She’s Crafty – Renegade Craft Fair SF

  1. Aw you got into the photo booth! So cute. The line was too long so we regrettably skipped it. Next time…gotta try that mustache. I keep seeing it everywhere!

  2. i waited til the very very end when we were packing up. there was no line at all and they let us go through 3 times! you definitely must try it!

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