This picture is so inspiring to me! I just love how the photographer (Rockie Nolan) paired the camera’s and shoes. Dare I say that it’s *cute*? Because I definitely find something very sweet and twee about it!

This little lady is also very inspiring to me. I just LOVE her red lips which is something that I’ve experimented with lately. But I also just covet that yellow dress and her sweet side braid. If only my hair were long enough! Soon…soooon…I must keep telling myself that my hair will soon be long enough. Thank you to Anywho for snapping and posting pics of this lovely Miss. I not so secretly wish I could see her shoes!

Adam & Alma make beautiful music! This Swedish Electro band has me all hot and bothered and I simply can’t find much info on them. Apparently they are a duo made up of Ellen Arkbro and Johan Graden. Take a listen here to find out what all the hubbub is about.  I’ve listened to them non-stop as I draw and paint lately. SO GOOD.


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