Visual Artist: Karen Ann Myers

I found this artist, Karen Ann Myers while visiting and was instantly drawn to the way she uses space in her paintings. I even find it a little reminiscent of photographer Julie Blackmon who I blogged about previously. For both artists the point of view is often taken from above as if you were looking down from a plane on to the land, but where Julie Blackmon is using family life as her subject matter, Myers is commenting more on how it is to be a woman in today’s society.  In both instances I get the impression that the images are more about the space than the person/people in the space, something I find compelling and makes me want to know more about each scene.

Check out a few of Karen Ann Myers’ paintings here:

If you would like to compare/contrast these to Julie Blackmon’s photos check them out on the blog I wrote previously or on her website!


3 responses to “Visual Artist: Karen Ann Myers

  1. I love the one of the three of them on the couch.

  2. That last one immediately made me picture Emily, you, Terree on the couch in T’s living room…sweet

  3. oh man…it really is us! That is too cute and i never would have noticed it.

    Thanks Jennifer!

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