Goal List: Summer 2010

    Suddenly I feel as though everything is coming together for a really lovely summer and I want to make the best of it! Here’s what I have planned:

    • UNPACK – One of my best friends, Sabine, will be visiting from London next month. She arrives on June 29th, two days before the boy and I  move into a new house, so getting everything unpacked and comfy in our new space will be crucial for me. I’m dreaming of crazy dinners around a big dining room table and lazily lounging with glasses of fancy French wine (Sabine is French) in our new super cozy living room. These things can only happen if I really attack our unpacking the day we move in. So yes, goal #1 is unpacking.
    • BAKE – I’ll be spending a lot of quality time with the boy this summer teaching him to bake. Foccacia will be our first baking attempt after our move. Lately we’ve already delved into cupcakes, biscuits, cookies and galettes so it’s about time to move on to breads of all kinds!
    • GROW – Plants, veggies and flowers! I believe the boy and I are both very excited to have a space where we will be able to grown things year round. I imagine a LOT of potted plants happening in our new space.
    • DECORATE – This new move is going to give me so much more freedom to decorate than I have had in any of my previous places in the Bay Area and I’m very excited about it – as is the boy. So expect photos of our new place as I maniacally decorate and redecorate until it’s perfect – which it will never be – but I can try right?
    • LOUNGE – I need more lounging and lazy days in my life. I love picnics and reading in the park; sitting and watching the water, boats and people at the ocean or the lake; playing video games on Saturdays; Flea Markets on Sundays; and just simply laying around listening to records and cuddling with my kittypup and boy.
    • MAKE – We will have our own private studio space in our new place! Decked out with a desk for each of us and a small latticed in patio out back. It will be the perfect for all of my art, sewing and crafting projects that I’ve been putting off due to lack of space.

    A short list of fun stuff I want to do:

    • Ride my bicycle more.
    • Get on my roller skates and head to Golden Gate Park some Sundays.
    • Get to the SFMOMA at least once a month.
    • Oakland’s First Friday’s Art Murmur Walk.
    • More flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales.
    • Take a sailing lesson at Lake Merritt.
    • Make more Fancy Mixed Drinks, Iced Tea and fresh Lemonade and Smoothies at home.
    • Create a cute area for my kittypup to curl up in the sun while we’re away during the day. He loves our company so much, but when we’re gone I want him to feel special too!
    • Join a CSA for a little creative culinary push in the kitchen.

    What are your goals for this summer?

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