photographer: julie blackmon

loading zone

the power of now

american gothic

boar head


4 responses to “photographer: julie blackmon

  1. Myphotographer

    Wow really enjoyed seeing these pics. Love the one titled american gothic and the first picture I really like the colours. The only thing that bothers me in the first pic is the baby in the foreground but I suppose this is subjective. (looking at the pic again I see the baby is in the road and now get it) Can you share what technique you are using to get this look and feel. Regards r

  2. thanks for the comment!

    these photos are not mine but by the photographer julie blackmon. i also love the look and feel of these photos…you can check out more of her photos by clicking on a pic – it will take you to – where you can learn more about her work!


  3. I really liked the photos, specially the second one. and thank you for the link to the site.

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